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Tax consultancy

Our aim is to provide companies and individuals with tax consulting services that encompass all the aspects related to their normal business.

We examine each case individually with the aim of reducing tax costs for companies and individuals, assisting them in their compliance with the applicable tax obligations, identifying new business opportunities in the field of taxation, periodically analysing the overall progress of the business and checking that it is equipped to handle the accounting variables provided by the company.

The firm provides advice on problematic situations related to Tax Law in the various specialised fields: tax planning (cost optimisation, new project analysis, etc.), tax inspections, mergers, spin-offs, purchases and international taxation.

Regarding the latter, we have extensive experience in all matters affecting non-residents in Spain, both companies and individuals, as well as in the study, planning and performance of Spanish investment abroad. For this purpose, we have a multilingual team (English, French, German), and count on the support of a strong and extensive network of foreign firms (in more than 100 countries) with which we collaborate on a regular basis.